What is Tron (TRX) and how can I buy it?

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What is Tron

TRON is a project which aims to solve the problem of the excessive centralization of the Internet  due to companies like Amazon , Netflix , Google and Twitter who have full control over the data generated by the users. The use of a protocol decentralized would then take its full advantage sense and would give users control over their data thanks to the TRX coin .

The founder of TRON is Justin Sun , a former representative of Ripple in China. He also created Peiwo in 2015, a live audio application used by more than 10 million users in China, in which the TRX token is now integrated, which makes it possible in particular to remunerate content creators within the application. The ICO was organized from the end of August to the beginning of September 2017. It resulted in the sale of 40% of the 100 billion TRX tokens. The remaining tokens were sold during the pre-sale and also distributed between the TRON Foundation and future applications on TRON.

TRON is a decentralized content storage network on which entertainment applications can be built and which will allow them to be connected to multiple blockchains (and therefore payment systems). The TRON network will also offer decentralized storage solutions, decentralized user account management solutions and a decentralized social network. These solutions will be available for all applications built on the network. Any application built on the TRON network will be able to access these solutions and integrate them into the application in question. TRON was once a ERC20 token , but has since been replaced by TRX coin, with its own blockchain. The TRON network is based on a consensus of proof of stake , which is centered around the” TRON POWER “, generated when a user holds TRX for a certain period of time. TRON POWER offers its holder the right to vote on the future development of the TRON network, the size of which depends on the amount of TRX held. Entities that provide storage space for TRON network applications will also be rewarded with TRX. Finally, the roadmap planned by TRON is one of the longest in the world of cryptocurrencies! It should run until 2027 and it includes in particular:

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  • Implementationof the solution allowing each user to publish, store and share data on the platform,
  • Implementation of the one-to-one funding model via the TRX token between content creators and users,
  • The possibility for each content creator / brand  to issue their own coin on the TRON blockchain ,
  • Creation of decentralized online video games and the implementation of decentralized crowdfunding to finance the creation of new games.

  Finally, several entities are on the verge of integrating TRX cryptocurrency into their business. This is already the case with Peiwo, the application created by Justin Sun, but also with two other companies: oBike (through the creation of an “oCoin”), and Gifto, together bringing together 40 million potential users on this blockchain.

How to buy TRON (TRX)?

Use Binance to Buy Tron

Binance is now one of the largest crypto-exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume. The platform is also known as the benchmark in crypto/crypto exchanges because the crypto-stock offers the trading of 180 cryptocurrencies.

While it was initially not possible to buy cryptocurrencies directly with fiat currencies, Binance created a fiat gateway service with major players like Simplex. Thus, it is possible to buy some cryptocurrencies with dollars or euros on Binance.

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Buy Tron at Kraken

Kraken is one of the oldest crypto-exchanges (2011). It is also considered one of the most respected and recognized in the industry. In addition, it supports a wide range of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies,which particularly appeals to investors. Tron was added in March 2020.

Kraken offers an advanced trading platform that allows spot trading and margin trading. On the other hand, Kraken’s interface is not the most user-friendly for beginners.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the TRON project


  • Speed ​​of transactions thanks to the DPoS consensus
  • Ambitious project,
  • Proven partnerships with various companies.


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