After its crypto-city project, Akon deploys its cryptocurrency in a hospital complex

Rapper Akon’s project continues its march

If it was met with some scepticism, the Akoin project is showing all its real potential. As demonstrated in these hours by the launch of the token within the Mwale Medical and Technology City, the citadel located within Kenya where Akoin is destined to become by the end of 2022 the exclusive digital currency of the structure. With the precise aim of going to process transactions between 1.7 and 2 billion dollars per year.

Akoin: the launch phase has been completed

Akoin’s trial phase began in November last year, when the token was listed Bittrex. We now learn the success that has crowned it and, consequently, the transition to the next stage. It is part of its full implementation within the $2 billion complex, scheduled for next July. Commenting on the success of the operation was the president and co-founder of Akoin, Jon Karas, who placed particular emphasis on the great enthusiasm that greeted the event.

An important place for the Akoin cryptocurrency (AKN)

In parallel to the future crypto-city of the singer Akon, another project is about to see the light of day after several phases of testing. After the announcement of a city that gives the impression of having released a work of science fiction, Akon embarks on a new adventure. This time, the singer began work on creating a complex centered around Hamptons Hospital, a modern care service based in Kenya.

The $2 billion project began its pilot phase last November by deploying the Akoin (AKN), a cryptocurrency based on the Stellar blockchain. Faced with the meteoric success of this large-scale project, its activity is expected to officially start by July, the press release informs us.

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The Mwale Medical and Technology City complex is expected to house 5,000 hospital employees, 2,000 merchants and more than 35,000 residents. They will be able to receive their salary in AKN and use it freely as a means of payment. Moreover, the AKN appears to be the only cryptocurrency accepted in the complex.

The Akoin team estimates that the use of cryptocurrency should increase and will be enough to cover the 20,000 workers expected by December 2021. The latter is expected to process between $1.7 billion and $2 billion in transactions annually.

The Akoin Card, a first step towards a national deployment

To go further and simplify the lives of the residents of the complex, the Akoin team thought of everything. The release of a physical card was recently unveiled and would be directly linked to the portfolio dedicated to the Akoin.

This crypto-card entirely dedicated to the AKN will allow transactions to be made in local shops, but also internationally thanks to Mastercard’s payment network.

Obviously, this utopian project offers a totally innovative vision to its future users. The Akon Foundation is reportedly already actively working on the development of a blockchain startup incubator in the Mwale Medical and Technology City complex.

Explaining Akoin’s real goal was Lynn Liss, co-founder of Akoin. According to which the implementation of the token within the Mwale Medical and Technology City will be a test in order to understand if the prepared model can be the prodrome for its adoption throughout the black continent.As you can easily understand, this is a wide-ranging plan. These are aimed in particular at achieving the financial inclusion of hundreds of millions of people currently unable to manage their assets due to the lack of adequate banking and financial instruments. A goal that no longer seems like just a dream.

Is Akon’s dream about to come true?

As already mentioned, Akoin had been greeted by some scepticism at the beginning of his adventure. Deriving not so much from the project launched, but from the fact that it was proposed by a music star, the rapper Akon. A person who, at first glance, does not seem to have the technical background for such a complex operation.The success of Akoin’s launch within Mwale Medical and Technology City seems to dispel any doubts about the potential of the ongoing operation. Which in fact seems to have the right cards to give the black continent an more card to play in the challenge against underdevelopment. It is also caused by the lack of financial and monetary instruments to help Africans free themselves from atavistic poverty. A mission never carried out to date by governments too often corrupt and committed only to dusting Africa off its immense wealth.

The singer’s projects are clearly not lacking in ambition and seem to appeal to the local crypto-community.


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