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Investing in cryptocurrencies requires several requirements including reliability, security, simplicity and responsive support from the platform that will allow you to make your purchases and trades. This article is here to help you choosing your exchange platform.


Use this link for Changelly,  or use the widget embedded in our site directly for a seamless experience. The widget is on the right sidebar or if on mobile, at the bottom of the page.

Changelly Platform is an exchange designed to be disruptive and  innovative. Unlike its competitors, it brings a small innovation by allowing to buy cryptocurrencies on other platforms at the lowest price on the market. The billing system is not fixed, and is calculated at a rate of 0.5% of your transaction. This allows the fees to always be proportional to the exchanges.

To make a transaction on Changelly, you must first indicate the cryptocurrency that interests you, different prices are then suggested to you and you have to make a choice among these.

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Then you can buy your cryptocurrency by bank transfer or debit/credit card. Beware of  the fees that can be high, depending on the bank. , which was founded in the UK in 2013, allows you to buy several types of cryptocurrencies.

We can mention Bitcoin, but also  Ethereum, or Litecoin. The main advantages of this exchange platform are its competitive rates, but also the level of security offered to users.

Indeed, can boast several safe certifications. For transaction fees, transaction fees are 3.9% plus $0.25 when you plan to use a credit card. On the other hand, if you choose to use a bank account and make a transfer, there will be no fees to pay, so it is a much more attractive option.

Three different types of accounts give you access to more or less options with purchase limits associated with each type of account:

Basic Account: $400 per day and up to $2,000 per month. Basic accounts are not allowed payments by bank transfer.

Verified account: $10,000 per day, and $100,000 per month. Credit card and bank transfer accepted.

Individual Business Account – Companies: You can purchase an unlimited amount of Bitcoins with the payment method you want.

Please note: the platform is only available in English.



You can’t move into the world of cryptocurrencies without having heard at least once about the Coinbase exchange platform.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard about Coinbase yet, don’t panic, you’ll get $10 if you trade $100 or more by registering through this link

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Ultra-secure, Coinbase stores 98% of cryptocurrencies offline and prides itself on guaranteeing the sums it owns by its customers in the event of hacking. Coinbase’s strength is to be the most intuitive exchange platform in the world.


Create an account with Kraken here

If you want to buy crypto as simply and easily as possible, I recommend Kraken. This platform has an excellent reputation. Created in 2011, the site is based in San Franciso and is the largest exchange in euros for cryptocurrencies. More recently, they have accepted dollars, pounds sterling and yen. The registration process is very simple and requires only a scan of an ID, and deposits from the euro area are made according to the SEPA transfer standard, quickly, free and secure.

The site has never experienced a problem of fraud, currency theft, etc. (unlike platforms like Cryptsy or Poloniex) and is backed by a “real” bank (Fidor Bank, Germany). If you want to buy cryptos with real currency, this is the preferred solution today.


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If you want to do “day-trading” between cryptocurrencies, Poloniex now seems one of the best platforms. It is the world’s first ethereum exchange platform in terms of volumes. The site accounts for about 50% of world trade.

Cons: the site does accept deposits in fiat currency, but the fees are quite high, and I will recommend to go through another exchange site (Kraken for example, or Coinbase) to convert euros into BitCoin before sending these BitCoin to Poloniex. So it’s much more restrictive, but you’re accessing a much more dynamic market. For trading at short intervals, this is probably the cheapest exchange.


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Probably the best place to go to buy cryptocurrencies. Binance is well known and, in terms of trading volume, the largest  and also one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. However, since this is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, it’s a good idea to buy some BTC before you get started.

Binance also offers the possibility to buy crypto with cash, but as with all exchanges listed here, take into account bank fees.


Uniswap is the exchange platform dedicated to Ethereum (ETH) which is located at the heart of DeFi (Decentralised Finance). Here you may find the next ERC20 token which will perhaps make a nice 2000% before it is too well known.

In any case, it is the fastest way to access the hundreds of thousands of tokens that rely on Ethereum. Its use proves quite simple once everything has been correctly set up. The easiest way is to combine it with MetaMask for safety and fluidity, but connecting other ETH wallets is also possible.


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