What is Streamr (DATAcoin)?

Price and capitalization of Streamr (DATA coin)

You will find below the main information concerning the price and the capitalization of Streamr:

  • the price: in dollars and in bitcoin, as well as the price variation over the last 24 hours
  • the rank: world ranking compared to other crypto-currencies (the ranking is carried out according to the market cap of each crypto)
  • the market cap: it represents the capitalization of Streamr in dollars, that is to say the total amount of tokens in circulation
  • the volume: which corresponds to the total amount of DATA tokens exchanged over the last 24 hours (in dollars)

The story of the project and its team

The Streamr project starts with an ICO whose sale took place in one day , from October 12 to 13, 2017, during which $ 27 million was raised. The idea does not date from 2017, release date of white-paper , but started in 2011. At that time, the team was already starting to work on the project, but the idea of ​​using blockchain and cryptocurrency only appeared in 2016.

The head office of the company is in Zug in Switzerland, they have a “lab” in Finland, with which they accompany their partners for the integration of their technology.

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The team is made up of entrepreneurs , scientists , engineers and doctors specialized in the processing and analysis of data via algorithms .

The project can be compared to IOTA, the main difference being that Streamr starts from an existing technology: the Ethereum blockhain, while IOTA uses its own technology which is the Tangle . Read our article about IOTA to learn more about this project.

Pilot projects have been carried out with JCDecaux and Rolls Royce but for at the moment there are no official partnerships between them. On the other hand, Streamr displays partnerships with Hewlett Packard and Nokia .

What is Streamr (DATA)?

Streamr provided multiple data has many decentralized applications ( dApps ). It is the backbone of a supercomputer. It is a decentralized network which is extremely scalable (which is capable of scaling up) , with low latency and which delivers  secure data thanks to DATAcoin tokens.

Anyone can integrate a data flow and anyone can use it within decentralized applications or smart-contract ( smart contracts ). To get users to participate in the network, there is a mechanism of monetization of data transmitted to it. This will allow anyone to trade , sell and buy data . From professionals to individuals, everyone produces data that may be of interest to someone else.

The objective is to enable the valuation and secure data exchange for connected objects (IoT). The machines will thus be able to automatically sell and buy data between them.

Streamr also wishes to include a engine allowing the creation of decentralized applications and smart-contracts which will be able to interact together by through thousands of machines. The idea of ​​Streamr is to become the easiest and most secure way for creation and real-time data exchange .

It will also be possible to use this data through applications, decentralized or not, and smart-contracts that will interact with the blockchain technology .

How does Streamr work?

5 layers of data overlap to make all Streamr (DATA) technology work:

1) Streamr Editor: is a layer that allows many tools to be used to rapidly develop decentralized data-based applications. This layer also includes ready-to-use templates (templates)to respond to frequent use cases to allow for wider and easier adoption. Here’s how Steamr Editor Workspace looks like:

The platform has the following features:

  • visual editor for creating smart contracts powered by real-world data
  • Modules to communicate with smart-contracts and interact with the blockchain
  • tool to track the execution of smart-contracts and visualize their “impacts”
  • Solidity code editor to code smart-contracts
  • Open-source templates coded in Solidity language for different use cases

2) Streamr Engine: engine that runs and analyzes off-chain data. This layer can work on a decentralized computer like Golem. We can compare this to a central body that will separate the information and send it to the right entities.

This central body will clean up information and make it ready for use by dApps and smart-contracts. For example, this data needs to be cleaned, filtered, classified, verified, combined with other data…

3) Streamr Data Market: a universe in which millions of data are exchanged. This market allows the monetization of data and “machine to machine” exchanges. It is a place of exchange between sellers and buyers of data in order to use them in intelligent contracts, applications (decentralized or not). The market supports anonymity but conducts checks when necessary.

The market provides users with a selection of trusted data. Some come from professional data providers,others come from public sources. Anyone can choose to contribute by providing data and monetizing it, even individuals.

4) Streamr Network: This is the layer that allows data to be transported. Brokers are the nodes of the P2P network. The network allows you to host and store different data and events so that they can be exchanged. The more participating nodes there are, the more data and events that can be processed.

Here’s an example of how a data (an event) has come through the network, from the source to the decentralized application:

5) Streamr Smart Contracts: A number of Ethereum smart contracts support the operation of Streamr Network and Streamr Data Market. The Streamr network uses smart contracts to coordinate and secure data. This allows data to be managed and monetized.

DATAcoin,the token that Streamr uses, is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum’s blockhain. Smart-contracts maintain DATAcoin balances and allow secure and transparent payments. The fact that the tokens are ERC-20 allows excellent interoperability with wallets and other tokens.

What is the purpose of DATA token?

It is the currency of exchange between the data provider and its buyer. But not only that.
DATA tokens also reward people who maintain network nodes.
It also allows people in the network to earn karma, which is a reputation. We win in different ways

  • By making transactions: purchases, sales
  • By publishing its data on the network
  • By helping to maintain the nodes

The amount of karma is the amount of DATAcoin exchanged. The difference is that karma decreases and expires after a while when tokens do not.

How do I buy Streamr (DATA)?

If you want to buy DATA,you must first buy bitcoins on Coinbase or Kraken. For Coinbase, you can buy them by CC or by bank transfer. On Kraken you will have to make a bank transfer. Once your bitcoins are available, you’ll need to transfer them to a platform where you can exchange DATA, such as Binance.

You can also buy bitcoins by credit card on Bitpanda, Bitit or Coinmama. You can also buy Streamr on Bitfinex.

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On Binance it is possible to buy Streamr (DATA) using one of the best exchanges in the world. Binance has risen to number one in the world in a few months of existence.

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How do You store Your Streamr (DATA)?

The most safe way to store your DATAcoin is to use a hardware wallet. These are wallets in the form of USB sticks. The 2 best known are the Ledger Nano S and TREZOR.
These are the safest wallets. Remember to send your Streamr to the Ethereum address as they are ERC-20 tokens.

There are also web wallets such as: MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto.

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