Digital yuan, enabled the first ATMs in China

CBDC continues its journey to debut China’s state-owned Agricultural Bank (ABC) has activated procedures to allow ATMs to support testing for the digital yuan.The important news was reported by some press in the eastern country, stating that the various tests … Read more

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Iran closing 1620 illegal mining farms

The Iranian government has ordered the closure of as many as 1620 illegal mining farms. A decision that came at the end of a danger of substantial appeasement between the Authorities of Tehran and the cryptocurrency mining industry. During which … Read more

Dogecoin, the joke that became serious

  Much crypto, such wow Started as an innocuous experiment, cryptocurrency, created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, managed to conquer the world, survive three crypto booms, keep its price and prospects for development. Today, Dogecoin is one of the oldest currencies … Read more

Maker and DAI,truly decentralized stablecoins are here

What is MKR? MakerDAO is considered one of the most important startups in the  cryptos space. It is a decentralized toolkit for creating a stable token, allowing you to maintain the value of a certain price threshold, guaranteed by the … Read more

BAND tokens and how to get some Free

Ethereum, EOS and Chainlink are the leading blockchain platforms of our time. These are also cryptocurrencies that are very popular and consistently placed in the top 10 list. However, recently appeared Band Protocol, which uses all the best Ethereum, EOS … Read more

Filecoin, blockchain storage made cheap

The aim of the Filecoin project is to create a decentralized storage platform with its own cryptocurrency (FIL, Filecoin). The idea was presented to the general public back in 2014, but is still underway. The project is owned by Protocol … Read more

What is Celo CGLD

Celo CGLD listed on Binance After the announcement that Celo will be listed on Binance, few days ago, the price exploded in a huge up swing, taking investors by the storm. At the time of this writing, Celo is listed … Read more

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Bitcoin to replace Gold in 2021

  In first days of 2021, Bitcoin opened with a new rise – in just a few days it rose by 20%. Disputes that bitcoin can push gold as a protective asset in crises are only flaring up, and the … Read more

What is Chainlink

  Chainlink is a project that seeks to solve a fundamental problem in the world of cryptography: a secure and reliable connection between data within the blockchain and offline data. For many years we have known blockchains that have always … Read more

IOTA – Currency for Internet of Things

  What is IOTA? IOTA is a cryptocurrency that presents, compared to other projects that have gained popularity, unique technical characteristics. It is a currency that was born as an independent and then embarked giants such as Microsoft, Huawei, and … Read more