What is Chainlink

  Chainlink is a project that seeks to solve a fundamental problem in the world of cryptography: a secure and reliable connection between data within the blockchain and offline data. For many years we have known blockchains that have always … Read more

IOTA – Currency for Internet of Things

  What is IOTA? IOTA is a cryptocurrency that presents, compared to other projects that have gained popularity, unique technical characteristics. It is a currency that was born as an independent and then embarked giants such as Microsoft, Huawei, and … Read more

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What is crypto arbitrage?

  Cryptocurrency exchanges function as “stock markets” where tokens, coins, or digital goods are exchanges between buyers and sellers in an attempt to increase the value of their wallet and earnings. Besides, all these crypto markets not only consolidate Bitcoin’s … Read more

Is Bittrex exchange safe?

Bittrex: what is it? Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange launched on the Web in 2013, belonging to a group of American origins. We cannot deny that it is one of the most used to guarantee access to the world of … Read more

What is Algorand

Algorand (ALGO) is a cryptocurrency network focused on payments and smart contracts that has a solid foundation in scientific research. Supported by an extremely educated and experienced team, the Algorand platform has received a lot of investment from some important … Read more


  One of the most successful exchanges in the cryptocurrency world is KuCoin: the headquarters are located in Hong Kong and behind the Stock Exchange there is a team of blockchain enthusiasts and valid experts from the industry. KuCoin operates … Read more

How to buy MANA

What Is Decentraland (MANA)? Decentraland is a virtual reality platform created in the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain and whose creative possibilities do not place limits on imagination. What is the difference between Decentraland and other virtual reality games that we currently … Read more

Earn with Coinbase

  Free Cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Earn With all the fake earnings circulating in the cryptocurrency world it may seem hard to believe, but with Coinbase Earn you can receive at least 25 USD in your wallet in less than an … Read more

Crypto Exchanges

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires several requirements including reliability, security, simplicity and responsive support from the platform that will allow you to make your purchases and trades. This article is here to help you choosing your exchange platform. Changelly Use this … Read more


Cryptocurrencies basic guide

What are cryptocurrencies?   Cryptocurrency is virtual money, which, unlike fiat funds, has no physical expression. The digital currency is protected from counterfeiting and duplication, and its quantity and emission are strictly limited, for example for the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin … Read more